Hello my loves, welcome back to my blog. I promised myself I would be writing and connecting a lot more with you this year, because I miss writing and you.

Do you guys remember when I first moved to Tampa? It feels like forever ago. 3 years and 7 months actually since the post about my first move. I was 23 years old when I moved away from home and started out fresh and new. It was tough, and I think I shared my struggles with you here.

Today, I’m writing this blog from my new home in Miami. Yes, I’m back to city life, very different than I was used to in Tampa. Although the vibes in Tampa were warm and cozy and my new home looks tropical and bohemian… it’s definitely warmer and cozier than being away from home!

The new apartment is slightly bigger than my previous one. I have an office!! A den actually, perfectly built to place my own studio and office together. I also have a dining room area, which I am so happy about! Previously, I didn’t have a need to get myself a dining room set, but now I have my family and friends here more often, so having a set is the vibe.

I didn’t want to buy all new furniture, so a lot of the pieces I had in my previous apartment have made their way into different parts of this new home; Still have the same bed, but made it slightly different by adding a carpet that matches my floors and by giving the room(s) earthy elements. I even included a mini closet to the side to keep my favorites sweaters together and I added more plants all around the house. I had this beautiful bamboo that didn’t make its way back to Miami. Before my move, I was away for a whole month and my poor bamboo dried on me. So I promised myself I was going to get more plants and help them grow. I had that bamboo for 5 years. It was not an easy goodbye.

What I do love about my new place is my balcony. I wake up most days and am so thankful for the little streak on sunlight that sneaks itself inside the house. Since moving back, I find myself waking up earler and getting things done faster; like go running in the mornings with Sawyer and have my house clean by 9 AM!. It is almost like my entire energy has shifted. I can sometimes see the sunrise and it’s magical you guys.

Can we also talk about Sawyer too? At first, he wasn’t entirely sold on the new home. The balcony view didn’t phase him. I knew he missed the Tampa River walks, and at first, I did too. Now, he’s found his place in the new house as well. If I’m working from the office, he goes underneath the desk and finds a place of warmth between my feet. If I’m in the living room watching TV, he’s right on top of the pillows right next to me and so on. I think we both realized that home is truly wherever we are together. I know that may sound silly to you, but with the constant change that’s been my twenties, I’ve come to realize that being close to loved ones is what makes this life a home.

If you’re wondering, most of my furniture was bought at Target, Ikea, and Amazon. A few of my new favorites pieces come from Cosmopolitan’s CosmoLiving collection with Wayfair. I picked a few pieces like my new green velvet chair and and two gold hardware bar stools. They’ve given my house a different touch and vibe, one that fits Miami perfectly.

I’m really excited for the memories I’ll be making here and for the ones already created. Guys, Welcome to Casa Castillo.

I also created a highlight over on my instagram linking all these pieces… check it out!

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