What happens in Vegas…

Everyone is always talking about all the things they want to do before they die, but no one is actually doing these things. We make up million of excuses to avoid actually living up to our word. The good thing is I’m not like most people, and it is my goal to inspire some of you to take the same leap I have. So with this said, let me talk to you about my trip to Las Vegas.

It’s Las Vegas it’s definitely not a big deal, but to me it was. It was my first trip that I booked everything just a few days before leaving after spending two horrible months in Miami. I didn’t care to see the strip or play at the casinos. I just wanted to drive the dessert. I wanted to drive Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. That was it. So I did just that. I drove with the music really-really load jamming to Jack Mannequin, Coldplay, and even old school Jay Z, because I was feeling invincible.

I know solo traveling is considered to be unsafe and perhaps it is, but I always do my research. I wrote my itinerary on a piece of paper while seating at the airport waiting to board the plane. I knew I wanted to eat at Casa Juan for some delicious Mexican food, but that I was going to eat with a complete stranger from Spain whom I just met the day before was not part of the plan.

I knew I wanted to hike Zion National Park’s Angel’s Landing, because it’s been on my bucket list since last year, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to receive a call I had been waiting for months about a job opportunity that would shift my whole life around so much that I’m blogging from my new home in a new city.

This is what happens when you take a leap. Shit actually happens. So yeah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but to me…. Well, just look at the pictures.

Reading my book of the moment… I haven’t finished it. (review coming soon!)
This looked so beautiful in person.
My uber driver actually stopped so I could take a picture here 🙂
I skipped the whole line.. lol
I Airbnb this suite. I stayed at the Palms Place. 
I loved it! definitely recommend to Airbnb in Vegas.
My sweet little ride 🙂
Jeep commercial?
Zion National Park
Quick Selfie!
We are so little compared to these giant rocks
Don’t tell this dude I took a picture of him…
Hiking alone was the ultimate bucket item
I do one of these almost all the time.
The bus driver was so sweet. We talked about practically everything.
Hoover Dam 🙂
I met her in Zion, she was coming to Vegas as well so we decided to team up and see it together. Coolest stranger ever.
AND she takes great photos.
This place is too hyped out for me… it didn’t satisfy me as much.
Vegas, you were great.
Definitely coming back… 

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