Who doesn’t love a tropical vacation? A few weeks ago one of my best friends and I embarked on a very fun and adventurous journey to Costa Rica aka Pura Vida. For once I took more clothes than I actually needed and since the rain kept us from getting all fashionista, we modeled the clothes outside our gorgeous bungalow in Santa Teresa and made the absolute best of the few hours in the rain being girls haha. I’ve mentioned to you before how I pack outfits that work perfect for both day and night, but I wanted to share with you just a few looks that work for all-day tropical vacations where changing is NOT an option

“you know the kind of vacation where you go from exploring all day and end up straight into dinner?”


I’m the type of girl that loves minimal packing and I love knowing exactly what I plan on wearing throughout my vacay. I’ve had my own friends take my outfits and wear them on vacations because they were already “prepared” and styled (like that one time in Cinque Terre!).

Ah! These photos make me miss Costa Rica so much, if anyone is planning a trip soon, don’t forget I created a travel guide to help you! Other than that, can we talk about rompers? I used to have this troubling relationship with them, but now I’m all about them for the summer. Most of them fit so nicely, I went and bought a few of them online at Pina Court for this trip. Basically, I bought a lot of things for this trip haha… hope you enjoy and thanks for following! Love you mucho!

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