I think I speak for the majority of us when I say at one point or another in our lives we all dreamt of moving to New York. I was 16 when the thought first came to my mind and I actually made all the moves to do it, but ended up coming back home after just a few weeks in NY. Perhaps it was my age, 18 and clueless, but it was a combination of leaving behind all my friends and family, a long term relationship, comfort and well the list goes on…

Hanging out with Lissette a few weekends ago brought back so many memories and I was truly inspired by her independence. We spend a whole day together and I didn’t expect to feel right at home in NY.

For once, I felt like a true New Yorker. We started at her apartment in Soho, which I am completely in love with. It’s so close to everything, specially my favorite part of the city – Washington Square Park. Instead of going to the regular spots, she took me to The Sosta a sister partner of the famous By Chloe (vegan friendly) restaurant (which I highly recommend!!!). We talked about life in NY and how much it’s changed her since making the big move. I think what makes us all nervous about making any kind of move is having the confidence in ourselves to do so, and in this city in particular you have to have it. You become a tiny part of it and adapting to the extremely fast-paced life is a must. Otherwise as Lissette mentioned ‘the city will chew you and spit you out and wish you good luck!’

I also realized how far everything really is in the city. Though Manhattan is considered a “small” Island, and sure everything is only a subway ticket away, those tickets will add up and you’ll be spending a hefty amount of money on the subway a week. I’m talking at least $100 easy. Let’s not even mention the cost in Ubers – THE RIDES ADD UP. New Yorkers, they walk everywhere and only consider other options if they’re on their way to work or if walking takes longer than maybe 20 mins. As you may have noticed on my previous guides to New York, I tend to spend days in certain parts of the city instead of going from Downtown to Uptown or Uptown to Midtown in the same day. For example, If you spend a whole day in Downtown, you’ll be able to enjoy the Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial, and Chinatown all in the same day. Why? because they’re each at walking distance from each other.

I’ve seen so many people make the mistake of visiting Central Park and the 9/11 memorial on the same day and miss out on all that Central Park has to offer in the same area!  The city is best experienced by dividing it per section by day (uptown, midtown, and downtown). To my surprise, that’s how New Yorkers live. If you live in Soho, you’ll spend all your days in the area and hardly make it out to any other part of Manhattan, even though on a cab it takes you no more than 20 mins to get to the other side. New Yorkers much rather spend their time in the neighborhood of their own. No complaints there – NY has plenty of everything in any area. Though if I am being honest, the best of everything is in Soho.

Life in NY according to my gal is not all fun and games – its tough. Though the city offers all the perks, it’s challenging and Lissette has written a step by step blog post about Moving to New York to make it easier on you (if you’re considering it). Make sure to head over and read it, I think it’s perfect for not just a move to NY, but just about anywhere. I experienced almost the same feels when I first moved to Tampa

I know a lot of you are you going to ask yourselves why It was easier for me to move to Tampa and not New York, and Lissette said something that resonated with me so much, “it’s all in the timing and the opportunities.”

“It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. I had a vision of continuing my personal and professional journey in a place that would empower me and, also, endlessly tease my desire for discovery. New York City was it.” – Lissette

Just spending 48 hours in NY reminded me of how much I miss it and how much I wouldn’t mind the bustle and hustle of it all. So is NY back on the table? I’ll say this much, it never left the table.

Lissette wanted to give you guys an updated list of the coolest spots in NY… I can attest they’re amazing!


  • West Bourne
  • Broken Coconut for juice & bowls
  • Grounded coffee shop


  • By Chloe
  • Banter
  • Bleecker Street Pizza
  • Iron Chef House (Brooklyn)
  • Sweet Chick (Brooklyn)


  • Socarrat Paella Bar
  • $1 Pizza, Avenue A and E 7th
  • Gali for Italian
  • Bozu for sushi
  • Coppelia for some cuban grub
  • Juniper (Brooklyn)
  • Casa Enrique (Mexican!)
  • Golden Unicorn (Chinese)
  • Dim Sum Go Go for dumplings


  • Pomme Frites
  • Sticky Fingers


  • Up & Up
  • Down the Hatch has good and cheap drinks.
  • Oscar Wilde cocktail lounge
  • Blind Barber
  • Houston Hall
  • Jane Hotel for some dancing
  • Mr. Purple for some rooftop vibes
  • The James (Jimmy) also rooftop
  • Freehold (located in Brooklyn)
  • Prohibition Bar (Upper West Side)

As always, thank you so much for reading. hope you enjoy, love you muchooo!

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