When you think of Cabo, of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is EXPENSIVE and also major IG FOMO. You wouldn’t expect it to be a perfect destination for a girls weekend… or even a romantic getaway for two. I had been dreaming of visiting Cabo San Lucas…. counting the days where I would cross this part of Mexico from my bucket list. Recently, I got the chance to do so. Was it everything I expected? well…. It was more than I expected.

Traveling to Cabo is best during the month of MAY per the locals I met. The sun isn’t toasty as the rest of the year and the weather, well, it’s a combination of breeze and blue-sunny skies all around. There’s only one airport in Cabo San Lucas (Cabo San Lucas International Airport), so expect to land here and have layovers. I flew from Miami to Phoenix to Cabo for a total of 7-long hours, but I did take an early morning flight that got there early enough to enjoy the rest of the day. I made it in time to enjoy tacos by the pool at Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences.


You may have guessed it by now, but I will be recommending you stay at Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences. I was invited by the property to visit their resort and enjoy all of their amenities to get the exclusive feel of vacationing at Hacienda, and I most definitely enjoyed this location. 

There are two types of travelers I would recommend visit the resort. A girls trip to enjoy a bachelorette and newlyweds on a honeymoon who want to enjoy a beach getaway while still having access to restaurants and nightlife. It’s not a local experience, it’s definitely more on the luxury side paired with suites, private villas, and even residences.

You can also stay at Marina Fiesta, a centrally-located hotel in downtown Cabo whose amenities can be enjoyed when booking at Hacienda. All you have to do is take the shuttle to bring you to downtown as Hacienda is 15 mins away.


The resort has so many dining options. As soon as I got there I headed straight to the pool-bar where I devoured fish tacos. Spoiler alert… they’re the bomb!

If you decide to get the all-inclusive option while staying at the resort here is a list of restaurants where you can dine:

  • El Eden Tequila Bar (by the pool)
  • Los Ricos Mesquite Grill (fissssh heaven)
  • Barolo Cucina Italiana
  • Las Marias (very mex)
  • Il Forno Pizza (hands down delish!)
  • El Patio (snack + pool bar)
  • Sr. Sushi (extra delicious!!)
  • La Pergola (pool bar)

If you decide to hit downtown and stay in Marina Fiesta, I suggest the following:

  • Jack’s Steak House
  • Legends (for sports beer!)
  • Los Deseos (mex mex!)
  • Presto (pizza, pesto, that kind of thing)
  • Imomo Asian Bistro
  • Baja Lobster (all things seafood)
  • La Palapa (bar)
  • The Oyster Bar (so delicious!)
  • La Tequila (hotel lobby bar)
  • Skydeck (hotel rooftop.. so good!)

I think you’ve got many options to try if you visit Cabo.


At both the resort and the hotel you have plenty of pools to enjoy a morning swim or afternoon dip. At Hacienda, I loved that you had the beach a few steps away from your room. While at the Marina, you can step into the pool or just walk downtown for more of a city stroll. 

Both properties have access to free shuttle as mentioned earlier, which is totally fun if you want to walk around downtown and bar hop from Hacienda to Marina.

One of my favorite things to do besides getting to know the town was getting to know the ocean a little more. I suggest you take a boat ride to get a view of the Arcs and the famous Lands End rock formations. They had beaches called “love” and “divorce” which had all of us wondering what team we were on haha!


I picked up a few pieces from H&M before heading to Cabo. I love taking light clothing if I am traveling somewhere with a lot of sun. Although MAY is not the hottest month in Cabo, it was sunny. I hope you love these pieces I’ve selected and that you get inspiration for your upcoming vacations this summer as well.


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