New York never fails. I feel like I was just there not long ago, and there I was traveling to the capital of the world for the same reason as my last visit – a boy band, Coldplay.

I’ve traveled to NY plenty of times, but it always feels like the first time. This occasion was like the episode of Gossip Girl where Blake and Selena have a photo-shoot around the city. My friend Nadine and I seriously did not stop taking pictures of each other – We were living it and also Pokemon hunting. We even had a few expectators in the subway laughing at us for acting such fools.

Instead of planning my short trip, I wanted to treat it differently this time. I wanted to be a local in NY and just do what New Yorker’s do y’know. Walk… Walk… Walk…and drink coffee.

I don’t know if you know, but New York is one of the cheapest cities to travel to in the world. Starting with the flight. I booked my flight using Skyscanner just a few days before departing and it was less than $200 round trip. If you’re still undecided where to go this summer because of budget, look no further, New York is the place to go when you just want to travel on a budget. New York is an outdoor museum, specially if you’ve never been to it, every corner is filled with surprises.

Let me show and tell, and experience this trip with me through pictures instead:

I loveeeeeeee uber drives in NY. taxi who?

snapchat filters be like

First time staying in Wall St

You can’t stay at Wall St and not eat at Clinton’s.


Best pancakes eeeever. bye.

yes, that’s a smoked salmon scramble eggs.

New Yorkers, you’re so beautiful.

The menu, just incase you know.

I stayed at Euro Stars in Wall St. Loved my view 🙂

I can’t stay in Downtown and not cross the Brooklyn.

Fav place ever. Soho.

A little european, right?

Washington Square Park is the most beautiful in the Summer.

I would say it’s almost perfect.


Jackon’s Hole on 83rd.

New York, I see you.

Everyone, meet Nadine.


Giving Maman Tribeca a try. YUMS.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3. (yeah, sure let me put on a show & just dance like no one is watching)

Part 4. (if you look closely, the guy behind me is laughing)

Part 5. LOL!


Central Park stories.

Wearing Zara overalls/bando. Wearing Forever21 sandals.

Jocelyn Takes New York

Coldplay super fans 🙂

Group Celfie, please!

Summer in the city

Summer 16′

Side note: There are so many cool gems inside Central Park. TOO MANY.


Until next time, New York, xoxo.

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